Espresso coffee and croissant at the bar: this is the typical Italian breakfast

Espresso coffee and croissant at the bar: this is the typical Italian breakfast

Jun 02, 2021Carmine Borriello

Typically breakfast for Italians represents an important ritual, the morning is conceived as the most pleasant moment of the day, a real serene awakening of the mind and body.

The Italian breakfast is promoted with flying colors by nutritionists from all over the world, in fact unlike the classic Anglo-Saxon, American and German breakfast, which are famous for the typical eggs accompanied by bacon, a bomb of saturated fats taken in the morning in a very delicate time of day. The Italian breakfast is exactly the opposite, commonly sweet, but it can also be salty, it is much more balanced and genuine.

In the morning, Italians take at least 20% of their daily needs, thanks to the right mix of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and sugars, a real boost of energy, ideal for facing the day at the best of one's resources.

Let's see in detail what are the most loved choices by Italians:

  1. Espresso or cappuccino, to wake up in the morning;
  2. Orange juice or fruit juice, the right sweetness to accompany breakfast;
  3. Croissant or brioche, for a balanced intake of carbohydrates;
  4. Rusks with fruit jam, the classic combination is bread with butter and jam, an excellent energy boost;
  5. Milk and cereals, the timeless breakfast of champions;
  6. Milk and biscuits, an alternative to cereals for the sweet tooth;
  7. Yogurt and dried or seasonal fruit, for those who want to keep fit without giving up the pleasure of eating;
  8. Toast with ham, for savory lovers even in the morning.

Here are some typical Italian breakfast products:

To start, let's see the Mulino Bianco biscuits, the most famous in Italy!

Biscotti Mulino Bianco Chicche con crema al cacao

Mulino Bianco Chicche biscuits with cocoa cream are a delicious sweet snack with a soft heart of cocoa cream velvety, enclosed in a fragrant shortcrust pastry.

For a guaranteed moment of pampering.

Biscotti Mulino Bianco Batticuori

Mulino Bianco Batticuori biscuits are a shortcrust pastry with cocoa, fresh pasteurized milk and dark chocolate. Their crumbly heart-shaped puff pastry makes them perfect for dipping in milk.

Biscotti Mulino Bianco Abbracci

Mulino Bianco Abbracci biscuits are born from the union of an exquisite and delicate shortcrust pastry with cream, made only with fresh Italian milk, with the unmistakable delicacy of cocoa. The result is the unique pleasure of two cookies together!

Biscotti Pan di stelle Mulino Bianco

Mulino Bianco Pan di stelle biscuits, the right breakfast to keep dreaming!

These are shortbread biscuits with cocoa and chocolate, a recipe with 100% Italian and high quality fresh milk.

Biscotti Mulino Bianco Macine

Mulino Bianco Macine biscuits, with fresh cream, are made with simple and genuine ingredients. Perfect for dipping into your cappuccino or morning tea!

Biscotti Mulino Bianco Cuor di mela


Mulino Bianco Cuori di mela biscuits are a shortcrust pastry filled with a sweet 100% Italian apple jam, and enriched with apple cubes collected exclusively in Emilia Romagna.

A real treat for your breakfast!

And you can't miss the irresistible chocolate spread most loved by Italians, Nutella!


Ferrero Nutella

Since 1944 Ferrero's Nutella has been one of the most famous sweet specialties in the world! Nutella is a delicious spread of hazelnuts and cocoa.

The perfect breakfast for both adults and children!

Ferrero Nutella Biscuits

For Nutella Biscuits they are all literally crazy!

The only biscuit with a creamy heart of Nutella, perfect for your breakfast, you will love them right away!

And finally, let's move on to drinks, fruit juices and our beloved espresso coffee cannot be missing.


Caffè napoletano Alambra Passalacqua

Historic Neapolitan coffee Alambra Passalacqua is a blend designed for those who want to treat themselves to the best Neapolitan coffee possible.

Essential for a real good morning!

Caffè Kimbo macinato fresco

Kimbo coffee is made from fresh ground coffee with strong aromatic notes that enhance its vigorous character, a perfect combination of sweetness of taste and intensity of aroma.


Caffè Lavazza

The unmistakable flavor of Lavazza coffee cannot be missing, it is available in different blends.

Succo di frutta Yoga

Yoga fruit juice is the most loved by Italians, characterized by its authentic fruit flavor. It can be found in infinite flavors and formats.


These are just some of the many products on the site, go take a look if you are an Italian breakfast lover.

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