Sicilian products and flavors From Bronte pistachio to caciocavallo

Sicilian products and flavors From Bronte pistachio to caciocavallo

May 03, 2021Carmine Borriello

Sicily has inherited in the course of its ancient history an enormous food and wine wealth, this is
mainly due to the infinite historical and cultural influences it has encountered over time, and it
is for this reason that Sicilian cuisine is considered one of the most important in Italy. .
These are complex dishes, full of different flavors, in which there is a balance between
Mediterranean tastes and those given by a multi-ethnic historical imprint.

The most popular local products are:
1. Cheeses, among these we can think of Ragusano Dop cheese, the famous caciocavallo,
typically produced in the provinces of Ragusa and Syracuse. It is a semi-hard stretched curd
cheese, sweet in nature but can become very spicy if left to mature for a long time;
2. Trapani sea salt, compared to the usual salt, contains more potassium and magnesium and
less sodium chloride;
3. Red garlic from Nubia and onion from Giarratana;
4. Ustica lentils and Scigli beans, for first choice legumes with authentic Sicilian flavors;
5. Pistachio of Bronte, the most important economic resource of the Sicilian territory, is marked
Dop and is protected by Slow Food;
6. Noto almond, used in Sicilian cuisine in infinite different combinations;
7. Late Ciaculi mandarin, ripens in March compared to other citrus fruits, its production is very
small and is supervised by Slow Food.
Sicilian dishes that you absolutely cannot miss:
1. Arancino, the symbol of Sicilian cuisine, it is the famous rice ball stuffed, breaded and fried, it
can be found in infinite variations in any Sicilian city;

2. Pasta alla norma, with Mediterranean flavors, it is a first course that involves the preparation
of short pasta, seasoned with tomato, fried aubergines, salted ricotta and basil;
3. Panelle, a classic of Sicilian street food, it is a dough made from chickpea flour which is then
fried, tradition has it that they are eaten in the middle of bread, usually accompanied by potato
4. Cous Cous, a typical food of western Sicily and North Africa, the dish consists of durum wheat
semolina, which is then steamed, and then is combined with various condiments thus obtaining
sea or land couscous;
5. Sicilian cannolo, sweet of the ancient Sicilian tradition, consists of a wafer of fried dough
rolled and filled with fresh ricotta, the filling can also be chocolate, all seasoned with candied
orange peel, pistachio grains and drops of chocolate;
6. Cassata, another historic dessert of the place, is a cake made with fresh sheep ricotta, made
up of sponge cake, almond paste, sugar glaze and candied fruit decorations.

But let's see together some interesting food products typical of Sicilian cuisine.

Spreadable cream with Sicilian pistachio pesto Brontedolci
An exquisite preparation for your Bronte pistachio dressing, for a Sicilian first course in all

Spreadable cream with Sicilian Brontedolci almonds
Delicious cream based on the famous Sicilian almonds, perfect for garnishing your desserts.

Spreadable cream with Sicilian Brontedolci oranges
A very fresh cream with the unmistakable taste of Sicilian oranges, a must try.

Spreadable cream with Sicilian Brontedolci lemons
Exquisite, light and fresh, the Brontedolci cream based on the famous Sicilian lemons.

Brontedolci Modica IGP chocolate spread
The famous Modica chocolate cream, a typical Sicilian IGP product, for a snack full of sweetness
and goodness.

Spreadable cream of Sicilian hazelnuts Brontedolci
A sweet spreadable cream with hazelnuts, another typical product of the Sicilian territory.

Taralli with black truffle

Artisanal taralli, famous for their unmistakable Mediterranean flavor, for a simple yet refined

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