6x Zuegg Albicocca Apricot Fruit Juice without pesticide residues 500ml glass bottle


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Without pesticide residues
Zuegg's pesticide-free apricot nectar is particularly dense thanks to its high fruit content and the specific processing of the pulp which gives the product its characteristic velvety consistency.

Fruit without pesticide residues is superior in terms of safety, sustainability and does not contain chemical pesticides, i.e. the substances used to preserve the fruit from attacks by insects, fungi, mites and harmful bacteria which, with this type of natural agriculture, do not remain in the peel or pulp. Without pesticide residues means residues lower than the limit of quantification of 0.000001% for each of the molecules analyzed (over 650). This nectar made only with ingredients of natural origin offers a superior tasting experience, an intense pleasure that enchants the palate and nourishes the senses.

Apricot puree 60%, water, sugar.

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