Ace Candeggina Classica Classic Bleach Disinfectants for Home and Laundry 1Lt


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ACE Classic Bleach guarantees protection for your home and laundry. Thanks to sodium hypochlorite, it thoroughly disinfects surfaces and laundry.

Thanks to the exclusive Fiber-Protect technology, it envelops the fibers and protects them during washing, so that the garments stay like new! In addition, it disinfects and removes over 90% of pollen, dust, mites and pet allergens.

LARGE SURFACES: For a thorough hygiene effect on surfaces, first clean the surface with water and detergent. Apply a solution of water and bleach made with 200 ml of ace per liter of water. Leave it on for at least 5 minutes for better hygiene. For floors let air dry without rinsing, otherwise for small areas rinse and allow to air dry. For normal soiling, dilute a glass (150 ml) ACE Classica in 5 liters of water and clean without rinsing. For stubborn soiling, apply ACE Classica directly to the dirt and then rinse or pour two glasses (300 ml) ACE Classica into 5 liters of water and clean without rinsing. Suitable for use on non-porous surfaces: floors, bathroom surfaces (toilet, shower, tub, sink, bidet), tables and desks, furniture and shelves, door and window handles, light switches, kitchen surfaces and utensils, objects that come into contact with pets, etc.

IN THE WASHING MACHINE: For a thorough hygiene effect on the laundry, wash the laundry first in the washing machine with detergent and hot water. Soak the laundry for 30 minutes in a solution made with 20 ml of bleach per 1 liter of water. Rinse with clean water and let the laundry dry completely. In the washing machine, put the detergent in the detergent drawer first by placing it in the drum above the laundry, or put it in the special compartment of the washing machine. Then add ACE Classica to the bleach cup up to the indicated level. If the relevant compartment is missing and you do not want to use any other additives (e.g. fabric softener), pour ACE Classica up to the specified capacity into the additional compartment. Alternatively, start the pre-wash and pour one and a half glasses (225 ml) of ACE Classica into the pre-wash compartment while the water is running. Finally, start washing. For best results, do not pour ACE bleach into the detergent drawer.

PRE-TREATMENT: For stubborn stains, pour ACE Classica directly onto the stain until it is completely covered, leave for up to 3 minutes and wash immediately. Test the product on a hidden part before use. Do not pour it pure on metal parts.

BY HAND: Pour a glass of ACE Classica (150 ml) into 10 liters of water and let it soak for 20/30 minutes without adding detergent. Then rinse the laundry and wash as usual.

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