Acqua di Nepi

Acqua di Nepi acqua minerale effervescente naturale natural effervescent mineral water PET 6x1,5 l


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Microbiologically pure "It can have diuretic effects and facilitate the urinary elimination of uric acid". “It can facilitate digestive processes.” Source of pleasure Already known to the Etruscans, it became a spa thanks to the Roman Gracchi family. Its fixed residue, one of the lowest among natural effervescent mineral waters, makes it light and balanced, a pure and sweet combination of precious minerals. Nepi Water, in addition to facilitating digestive functions, has a unique taste and the subtle and delicate effervescence preferred by the best chefs.

It is born naturally effervescent

Characterizing elements in mg/l
Calcium 64.7
Potassium 43.4
Sodium 27.1
Magnesium 24.3
Silica 105
Bicarbonates 407
Sulfates 31.5
Chlorides 18.3
Nitrates 12

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