Armando L'Anello Italian pasta 500g


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Pasta Armando is the most exclusive brand of the De Matteis Agri-Food Group, a company with 25 years of experience in the production of pasta. It is the first pasta producer in Campania to have 15 production lines near the main durum wheat growing areas in Irpinia, Apulia and Basilicata. The Armando Supply Chain Project The production facility is one of the few factories (less than 10% of the total factory) that has its own mill. This means that the raw material can be guaranteed and fully controlled without being obliged to source it from third parties. Strengthened by this advantage, Armando De Matteis started the first Italian supply chain project ten years ago to eliminate the important deficit gap in our wheat compared to the prestigious types of grain from abroad: This is how the Armando Supply Chain project came about. . The project for sustainable agriculture: Armandos Pakt Syngenta, a company specializing in the production of seeds for agriculture, offers 850 farmers a unique advantage with the seeds 'MARCO AURELIO', which enables them to achieve 35% more production than the national to achieve. 9 regions of central and southern Italy are involved in which 12,000 hectares are earmarked for this project, which guarantees farmers a fixed price to buy wheat in advance. Wheat without the use of glyphosate Glyphosate is a very common herbicide that is one of the most widely used in the world. The IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer, WHO Rib) regards glyphosate as one of the 'probable carcinogens'. Canada and the Eastern European countries are among the major wheat producers and glyphosate consumers. The reason for using this substance is simple: wheat develops in 180 days from sowing to harvest, and when the ear

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