Borotalco Talco in busta talcum powder in a bag 100g


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Borotalco powder has accompanied Italians since 1904 with its unmistakable Borotalco perfume. 100% Italian talc of very fine natural powder that is characterized by the unparalleled quality of its formulation.
- Absorbent, refreshing, and velvety properties
- Allows skin pores to breathe naturally
- Ideal for multiple uses on the skin of adults and children
- Also suitable for the most sensitive skin

Talco Borotalco: quality and purity, pay attention to the brand!
When we talk about talc and its dangerousness, we usually refer to impurities or improper use of this product. Frequently in these cases, Borotalco is used as a synonym for category (not referring exclusively to the brand), generating unnecessary alarmism and misinformation. Borotalco, which has always been attentive to the health of children and adults, uses only high-quality and purity talcum powder, subject to strict and continuous checks.

100% Italian origin
Talc Borotalco stands out for the high quality of the powder it is made of; a safe and natural product that derives from the processes of extraction, selection, drying, pulverization, and decontamination of talc from the Italian mine of Val Chisone (Turin) whose mineralogical purity is continuously demonstrated and controlled.

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