Caputo Criscito Lievito Madre Essiccato Inactive Natural Dried Mother Yeast 1Kg


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More pleasant taste and aroma, greater conservation and digestibility.

Dried yeast, also called Criscito, is a natural product that is obtained by mixing type "0" soft wheat flour and water, acidified by a complex of yeasts and lactic bacteria, able to start the fermentation of doughs for bakery products and pastry. Since it becomes no longer active during drying, Criscito needs to be reactivated by using an active yeast in the dough, the one that is usually used. From 20 to 50 grams are added for each kilo of flour, in addition to normal yeast.

With this product you can finally obtain naturally leavened (mixed) baked products, with extreme ease: no more refreshments, days of waiting, storage problems.This will improve the quality characteristics of your baked products: more pleasant flavor and aroma, conservation and greater digestibility.

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