Chante Clair

Chante Clair Lavanda Ricarica Sgrassatore Lavender Universal Degreaser Refill 625ml


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CHANTECLAIR Lavender Degreaser 625ml

The Chante Clair grease remover is a real universal product. It reacts efficiently against all types of grease and grease stains. Fats of mineral origin (e.g. petrochemical origin) are therefore ideal for cleaning surfaces such as rims on cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, etc. Fats of animal origin and are therefore perfect for cleaning cutting machines, food counters, etc. ventilation hoods in kitchens, ovens, Hotplates and hobs on ovens, etc. The exclusive, highly active formula makes the Chante Clair Universal Grease Remover also usable as a prewash treatment and stain remover for thousands of types of stains, including on fabrics. Chante Clair Universal Grease Remover can be used everywhere: in kitchens, bathrooms, fittings, blinds, for cleaning cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and boats. A large number of surfaces and materials can be made grease-free and cleaned with Chante Clair.

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