Il Mio Gran Ragù Star Ispirazione Toscana con Chianina Tuscan inspiration with Chianina (2x100g) Read to eat


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My Gran Ragù Local Inspirations

My Gran Ragù Local Inspirations was born from a journey through the Italian regions. A novelty inspired by the goodness of the ingredients and recipes of the territory that gives life to a new line of Ragù: Tuscan Inspiration with Chianina and Parthenopean Inspiration with Rustic Minced. 100% Italian meat, gluten-free and without added preservatives.

Gran Ragù of Chianina meat ingredients: meat 23% (beef (Chianina breed) 12%, pork 11%), water, tomato paste 22%, tomato pulp 13%, onions 5%, carrots 4%, celery 3.5 %, red wine, sweet sausage paste (pork, salt, dextrose, spices, flavorings), salt, sunflower oil, sugar, garlic, modified corn starch, yeast extract, aromatic plants, spices.
It may contain traces of: milk, eggs

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