Crispo Uovo Nocciolato Hazelnut chocolate egg 600g


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With the arrival of Easter, here are the long-awaited chocolate eggs that are popular with both adults and children. There are different varieties, in milk or dark chocolate, from small to large, the moment of opening is always an exciting moment.

And so, alongside the most traditional and delicious collections of classic chocolate eggs, we find the irresistible Crispo hazelnut egg. A high-quality egg, 600 g of the finest milk chocolate and chopped roasted hazelnuts. With 31.5% cocoa and 30% hazelnuts, 100% Made in Italy.
A treasure of whole hazelnuts sinks into the round surface of Gianduia ice cream, a concentrate of goodness and delicacy characterized by a thick layer covered with delicately roasted hazelnuts for a unique taste. Inside there is a fantastic surprise!

Roasted chopped hazelnuts
Cocoa butter
milk powder
Cocoa paste
Soy lecithin

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