Cuki Alluminio Plus Kitchen foil 8mt


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The special aluminum alloy Alustrong, the result of 50 years of experience and research in food preservation, has been further improved. Thanks to its special embossing structure, aluminum is even more resistant and wraps food better. Cuki Aluminum Plus makes it possible to preserve the freshness of food by minimizing the tearing and tearing of the tray even with repeated "opening and closing" and offers the maximum barrier against odors, air, and light. The embossed texture makes it resistant and allows food to be completely isolated from odors, air, and light, guaranteeing freshness and better and longer preservation. BETTER PACKAGING Packs every type of food, even with the most irregular contours, perfectly and reduces the risk of cracking even after repeated "opening and closing". PROTECTS MORE Cuki Aluminum Plus is even more resistant, preserves the freshness of food in the fridge and freezer, and is ideal for transporting food.

How to use: Thanks to its ability to adhere to containers and trays, Cuki Aluminum Plus is ideal for preserving the freshness of food and protecting food during transport. The heat resistance of Cuki Aluminum Plus makes it an excellent ally when cooking in the oven and in foil. Here are a few recommendations for correct use: Do not use in contact with strongly acidic (e.g. vinegar, lemon juice) or strongly salty foods. Keep other foods in the refrigerator or freezer for more than 24 hours. Do not bring the sheet into direct contact with electrical parts or direct flames. Use in microwave ovens only if they are approved for use. Do not use to cover wet food in the metal serving dishes or bowls. Do not store the product in a damp place.

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