Cuki Carta Forno Baking Paper 6mt


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Cuki Baking Paper is a product designed to cook in an easy and natural way, without adding fats or spices. The special composition of cellulose fibers guarantees maximum anti-stickiness and prevents food from sticking to the pan.

Cuki Carta Forno is made with cellulose fibers obtained from wood from sustainably managed forests to protect forests. Cuki baking paper is made with a production process that makes it biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable.

How to use Cuki baking paper

Baking: use Cuki non-stick parchment paper to line the bottom of trays and cake pans. Moisten and squeeze the baking paper well to make it adhere better to the bottom of the container.

Cooking in a pan: Line the bottom of the pan with Cuki parchment paper and cook your dishes with a little seasoning or without adding fat. The pan will not get dirty.

Steaming: To cook healthily, wrap your food in Cuki parchment paper and experiment with boiling in water or steam. The aromas are maintained during cooking and the taste of your food is enhanced.

Present the food: bring to the table the dishes prepared in foil with Cuki baking paper. The presentation will be a success and the aroma of your food will be enhanced.

Separation in the freezer: before freezing food, separate them with Cuki baking paper. This means that you can easily remove only the food you need from the freezer.

Decorating sweet and savory preparations: Unleash your creativity with Cuki baking paper to create original designs with which to decorate your creations, both sweet and savory.

For correct use, here are some tips: Avoid being near or in contact with flames or electrical resistances inside the oven. Avoid contact between the paper and the oven walls. Do not use it when the grill is on. Do not exceed the temperature of 220 ° C in the oven. Do not use the tray without food or batter. In a pan do not exceed 220 ° C for 10 minutes over medium heat, making sure that the paper does not protrude from the edges. Beware of the hacksaw.

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