De Cecco

De Cecco Fusilli Lunghi Bucati n. 5 500G


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Fusilli Lunghi Bucati originate from Campania and have a simple spiral shape. In ancient times, Fusilli were made by hand following a method handed down from mother to daughter: it was a question of twisting a spaghetti around a knitting needle with a very rapid gesture and expert hands. The ability demonstrated in this procedure is very reminiscent of the spinners and in fact the term “fusillo” derives from “fused”, the typical tool of spinners. Ideal with…Fusilli Lunghi Bucati are traditionally served with the Neapolitan ragu or the “guardaporta” and the Neapolitan ragu called “alla genovese”. Generally, they give their best seasoned with parmesan or pecorino, or with tomato-based sauces and vegetables, with aubergines and peppers. Cooking: 13 min – Al dente: 12 min

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