De Cecco

De Cecco Pasta Fusilli Grandi n°334 500g


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De Cecco - since 1886 - De Cecco method 1. Slow drying It was 1889, as also attested in the Treccani Encyclopedia, when Filippo De Cecco invented the first low temperature '' Slow Drying '' system. Even today we use the same method to better preserve the flavors and aromas of the wheat and the natural color of our semolina for a Superior Quality Pasta. 2. The best durum grains We select the best durum grains from Italy and the rest of the world for gluten quality, healthiness, protein content and organoleptic characteristics to constantly guarantee, despite the variability of the harvests, a paste that is tough to chew and has an intense taste. 3. Coarse-grained semolina We only pasta with "coarse"-grained semolina to preserve the integrity of the gluten and obtain a pasta that is always al dente. 4. Cold mountain water We only mix with cold Majella mountain water, at a temperature below 15 ° C to ensure perfect cooking resistance. 5. Rough bronze die We draw our pasta in bronze to ensure optimal porosity to best capture the condiments. The quality of our pasta is certified.

Rough bronze die Coarse-grained semolina Cooking 15 min - Al dente 13 min Cold mountain water Slow drying Dried in 9 certified hours The best grains from Italy and from the rest of the world I Grandi - Larger in size, larger in taste and with an exceptional cooking resistance For a superior quality pasta.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100g: Energy 1490 kJ / 351 kcal Fat 1,5 g of which: saturated fatty acids 0.3 g Carbohydrates 69 g of which: sugars 3.4 g Fibers 2.9 g Protein 14 g Salt 0 g

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