Fabbri Fruttafresca con nebulizzatore 1L spray jelly


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Fresca Frutta Gelée Spray is the first spray jelly on the market: an innovative technical solution that allows for perfect and constant dispensing of the product, simplifying the professional's work, with an optimization of preparation times.

Transparent, tasteless and odourless, it keeps the fruit always fresh and shiny as if it had just been cut, preventing it from browning.

Ideal in pre-cooking for breakfast desserts to replace sugar syrups, milk and eggs to trigger the Maillard reaction, post-cooking for sideboard desserts, to polish and protect from dehydration and oxidation.

Perfect from +5°C to -10°C.

> avoids browning of the fruit
> it is immediately ready for use
> it is perfect from +5°C to -10°C
> it is gluten free

The advantages of the nebulizer:

it allows you to save as much as 75% of gelatine, compared to normal brush gelatines
it halves preparation times because it is ready to use (about 50% less time than traditional gelatine)
allows you to dispense the desired quantity of product, thanks to the adjustable spout
it is used in a simple and practical way

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