Fiorucci Il Cotechino Senza Glutine 500g

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Cotechino is a typical traditional cured meat, characterized by medium grinding, soft consistency, intense taste and aroma.

Cotechino is a type of sausage consumed cooked and widespread in all regions of northern Italy. It owes its name to the rind, the pork rind.

Tradition has it that cotechino is consumed in Italian families on New Year's Eve because it is thought to bring luck, and eating the side lentils is said to bring a lot of money.

Cotechino is also excellent served with mashed potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, or chickpeas. If you like spinach, boil it, sauté it in a drizzle of oil with a clove of garlic and then serve it with the cotechino. Otherwise, another vegetable that goes well with this salami is green beans.

Pork rind Preservative (E250) Natural flavors Spices Salt Pork meat Antioxidant (E316) Pork fat

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