Mutti Polpa di Pomodoro Tomato Pulp Can 2,5Kg


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Each phase of the production process is inspired by a single intent: to preserve the natural properties of the tomato. We act through careful selections entrusted to innovative technologies, we reduce processing times, we use heat treatments that work the tomato delicately.
The pulp in very fine pieces is obtained from the processing of the round tomato, characterized by definition by the rounded shape and harvested in the fields from mid-July until the end of September.
Through constant dialogue with local farmers, only the most suitable varieties for each soil are chosen, capable of offering the best tomato. The choice of the moment of harvesting is crucial to preserve the goodness: as soon as it reaches its perfect ripeness, the tomato cannot wait, but it is ready to make its entry into the company. Mutti pulping phase, which is an exclusive process conceived within the company itself. This process consists in crushing the fresh tomato into very fine pieces without any intermediate heating or treatment phases. This process reduces the mesocarp part of the tomato into very fine pieces, discarding, at the same time, a good part of the peels and seeds present in the fruit. The product obtained is then pre-heated to hot-fill the boxes and pasteurized in so-called "rotating box" ovens.

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