Parmalat Santàl Albicocca Apricot Juice Fruit Juice Soft Drink Soft Drink Brik 3x200ml


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For those who love to quench their thirst with an explosion of taste and pleasure, Santàl offers I Classici, 100% natural drinks, refreshing with combinations of selected raw materials.

Santàl Mini Apricot Juice is a drink based on apricot puree, without coloring and preservatives, rich in valuable apricot nutrients.

Eating fruit several times a day is no longer a problem thanks to the 200 ml portion packs. Santàl Mini Juices are perfect for those who lead an active life or are away from home and want to have their fruit dose always at hand. Ideal for children, comfortable for everyone, it is available in Polposi pear, peach and apricot variants.

Ingredients : water, apricot puree 40%, sugar, natural flavors, vitamins C and D

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