Italian Gourmet

Test pack Pelati Italian Gourmet Peeled & Mutti Polpa Pulp Tomatoes 48x400g


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Mutti Pulp owns the freshness of freshly cut tomatoes. It is a personal product because it combines its tomato juice with the tomato juice, crushing it into fine pieces. It is the ideal choice for fish-based preparations and for all rights that belong to that of raw summer tomatoes, the scents, the slightly herbaceous taste and the red color. Mutti pulp has a different water content than the past and is ideal in itself for high temperature cooking or long cooking. 24x400g

Italian Gourmet Pelati are peeled Datterini tomatoes in a flavoured tomato sauce, rich and tasty . Peeled tomatoes are particularly versatile in the kitchen as you can use them in your sauce, whole or cut into pieces or slices, and they are great for recipes that require long and short cooking times. They are ideal for getting the most out of traditional Mediterranean dishes. 24x400g

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