Riso Scotti

Riso Scotti Basmati Profumato Steamed Ready Rice Perfumed Basmati Rice Ready in 2 Minutes 230g


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Steamed Rice. As a first course, side dish or to taste with seasonal vegetables. Ready in two minutes.

It's your time-saving rice: heat, season and eat! Microwave the pouch for two minutes and add two tablespoons of water, or pour the contents into boiling water for one minute. Season to taste!

For you who spend less and less time in the kitchen and want a product that is easy to prepare; In a few minutes and with a final touch of imagination, you can serve a side dish or a tasty first course.

Consume small amounts of carbohydrates throughout the day to always have "fuel" for our body.
Remember that carbohydrates from rice are easily assimilated because they are organized into much smaller grains than those of other grains, your stomach immediately digests them and converts them into energy that is immediately available to your body.

INGREDIENTS: water, basmati rice 40%, rice oil, salt

Average values ​​per 100g: ENERGY 888.9 kJ / 211.3 kcal FAT 5.1 g OF WHICH: SATISFIED 1.3 g CARBOHYDRATE 34.2 g OF WHICH: SUGAR 0.4 g FIBER 5.5 g PROTEIN 4.4 g SALT 1g

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