San Pellegrino

10x San Pellegrino Crodino Original Alcohol free Aperitif 100ml


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HISTORY: The story of Crodino begins in 1965. Since then, its fame has grown and conquered more and more aperitifs. In fact, the blonde still does not go unnoticed today, both at home and outside of the aperitif.

THE SECRETS: Getting a blonde like Crodino wasn't easy at all. It all started with the careful selection of ingredients: herbs, spices, woods and roots of the highest quality from all over the world. The recipe is still a secret and the blonde is particularly fond of it, but some ingredients have missed: cardamom, cloves, coriander and nutmeg.

THE WEATHER: In the life you know, you have to know how to wait. And Crodino knows it well, obtained from an infusion made from ingredients expertly mixed by skilled hands. These mature for up to six months before they become a blonde aperitif.

THE TASTE: On the nose, Crodino is characterized by intense citrus and fruit notes with a spicy finish that is reminiscent of herbal extracts and aromatic roots. And so far you've only smelled it! Would you like to know how it tastes? The taste is pleasantly sparkling, releases notes of citrus fruits and fruits on a spicy herbal base. For a perfect tasting, serve crodino with ice and a slice of orange.

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