Sant'Anna Acqua Minerale Naturale Natural mineral water PET 1,5Lt


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Acqua Sant’Anna is one of the highest, pristine, lightest and lowest sodium natural mineral waters in the world. In less than 48 hours Acqua Sant’Anna reaches our tables from around 2000 meters in the Alps: fresh from the spring, controlled and preserved in all its qualities. These and other values ​​have made it the favorite water of Italians. Essential for life, water in all its forms and quality compositions is a precious element for the entire planet and for each of us. Depending on the age, our body is made up of 50% to 70% water and in children the percentage sometimes rises up to 75%. For proper water exchange and balanced daily hydration, the average requirement of an adult is about two or three liters per day. We can say that if water is a source of life, the quality of our life depends on the quality of the water drunk. There are many types of water, each one special, each one different. Acqua Sant'Anna is the most loved natural mineral water by Italians, also chosen in Europe and the rest of the world, because it is good water to drink and has values ​​that distinguish it, making it good for our body as well.

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