Sogni d'oro Tisana Delizie&Frutta Secca Fave cacao e nocciola con scorza di arancia 40g


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'- DELIZIE&FRUTTA SECCA meet and revitalize an exclusive mix of taste and well-being. It combines the tenderness of cocoa beans with the enveloping taste of hazelnuts.

- FOOD SUPPLEMENTS included in the register of the Ministry of Health. Contains cocoa, which contributes to a normal mood.

- PERFECT PREPARATION One sachet per person, add boiling water. steeping time 5min. - GREAT GIFT. A great gift for Christmas or other occasions. A pleasure pampering for your well-being. Pack of 16 sachets.

- SOGNI D'ORO has stood for competence and quality in the production of chamomile, herbal teas and infusions for over 40 years and accompanies Italians in their moments of serenity and daily warmth

The delicacies of nature meet dried fruits in an exclusive blend of taste and well-being. Let yourself be seduced by the greediness of the cocoa beans and the enveloping taste of the hazelnut into a fascinating indulgence of pure pleasure. Since 1956, the Sogni d'oro tea masters have devoted time and passion to discovering, selecting and blending all the goodness of nature: aromatic herbs, fragrant spices, tasty fruits, dried fruits, cocoa, almonds, pistachios, ginger, vanilla and others valuable

Ingredients to create infusions and herbal teas, always new and unique. The 20 Sogni d'oro infusions warm the senses and, thanks to their beneficial properties, provide tasty moments of well-being that finally invite you to dream. Nice dreams. Well-being to dream. Ingredients Cocoa Seeds (Theobroma cacao L.), Carob Fruit (Ceratonia siliqua L.), Hazelnut Seeds (Corylus avellana L.), Sweet Blackberry Leaves (Rubus chingii var.suavissimus (S. Lee) L.T. Lu), Chicory Root (Cichorium intybus L.), natural flavors, 4.7% orange peel, licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.).

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