Tesori d'Oriente

Tesori d'Oriente Profumo EDT Royal Oud dello Yemen 100ml Eau de Toilette


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Royal Oud from Yemen

A soft blend of oriental flower essences and precious spices where the unmistakable scent of Oud Wood blends with the sensual notes of Amber. An enveloping combination that gives life to a fragrance that captures the moment and remains imprinted on the skin and in the memories.
An olfactory journey in the fascinating region of Yemen, among starry skies, warm and enveloping atmospheres and inebriating fragrances that perfume the air, in search of one of the most prized perfumes since the dawn of time: Oud or Agarwood. Also called "liquid gold" or "wood of the Gods", Oud is a rare and precious essence, extracted from the resin of a tree of the Aquilaria family, always used in sacred oriental ceremonies and the symbol par excellence of the rich olfactory tradition of Arab civilization.

The ingredients
OUD WOOD and SESAME OIL Derived from Agarwood, Oud wood is a dark resin obtained from the bark of particular trees in South East Asia and is used in perfumery for the preparation of the most sought after essences. Sesame is a plant of very ancient origins, used in the cosmetic field for its many antioxidant and soothing properties.

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