Voiello Il Gran Fusillo n°180 Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta 100% Italian Wheat 500g Bronze Drawing


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For us, Fusillo has always been great. One who knows how to do a bit with all sauces, a rogue who does not miss a chance to get to the table, wrapping light sauces or full-bodied and smooth ragùs smooth like 'nu drape' and velvet in a seductive spiral.

To such a lively and exuberant format, only one thing could be added and we added it to it: dimensions. Thus the Fusillo, from simple that it was, has become the Gran Fusillo. As big as the Posillipo pine. More, like Vesuvius. More and more. Great as a goal in the eighty-ninth of Napoli away from home. All things that give pleasure just looking at them for how big and beautiful they are.

In Naples we know that size matters and those who say the opposite want madness'. But they are not everything. There are also the bronze drawing, the 100% Italian golden wheat and the coils to make the Gran Fusillo Voiello chello che r’è.

Those, the coils, are made on purpose to attract each ingredient and keep it to itself. Like a charmer who captivates the senses and the palate.

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