Voiello La Linguina Rigata n°114 Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta 100% Italian Wheat 500g Bronze Drawing


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Linguina may well be an icon, but when it comes to taste - and how to make it rich assaje - we are certainly not intimidated. Ours is not presumption, much less iconoclasm. We like to think of it more as a little magic. Because respecting tradition is nice, but adding an extra touch is better.

For this reason, to the classic Linguina - as we have always known it - we have added a special rifling. A texture as subtle as seduction and ready to trap the flavor to let it explode on your palate. And if the flavor in question is that of the sea, Linguina Rigata Voiello goes right there for a wedding. By rifling you catch fish, molluscs and crustaceans like a net.

But not only lobsters, scampi and mullet fall into the Linguina Rigata Voiello network. A forkful or two and the Linguina will catch you too. She does it with great tenacity, the same that she shows in cooking. After all she is like that. Born to bind flavor to itself and with a heart of gold: the Golden Wheat, top quality and 100% Italian.

She tastes how good it is with sea bass and lemon zest, strictly untreated. Just like our wheat.

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