Voiello La Mezza Penna Rigata n°154 Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta 100% Italian Wheat 500g Bronze Drawing


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Sun and shadow, music and silence, truth and legend. Naples is everything and the opposite of everything. A symphony of conflicting sensations. Those that you can find in a plate of Mezze Penne Rigate Voiello, always ready to bewitch the senses with a clever game of seduction.

Smaller than traditional Penne, the Voiello Mezze Penne Rigate enchant the palate with a harmony of different textures. With the richest sauces they bind that it is' na beauty. This is thanks to the scratching that voluptuously retains the sauce. A format that is an invitation to a generous, passionate, abundant forkful to fill your mouth with flavors.

But when it comes to cooking resistance, the Mezze Penne Rigate are by no means sprinkles. That's where they reveal their toughest soul, made of 100% Italian Golden Wheat. The bronze drawing adds 'nu pinic' and roughness that seems to be made on purpose to embrace the ricotta cream and courgettes strongly.

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