Voiello Lo Spaghetto Scanalato n°107 Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta 100% Italian Wheat 500g Bronze Drawing


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Sca-na-la-to. Feel how good it sounds? As if each syllable rolled up on the palate before smacking on the lips. Grooved, studied and 'nu little even dreamed of: this is how a format was born that from a classic becomes renewed. If you wonder why we tell you about it in kissed rhyme, try Spaghetto Scanalato Voiello.

At kissing that is as good as few. The lazy seducer looks like a traditional spaghetti if you don't look at it carefully. And that's where he deceives you. But if you look at it in profile, you immediately understand what is the trick of the kisses with which it holds light gravies and full-bodied sauces: it is the biconcave section, a kind of eight that is held tight up to 20% more seasoning. A tunnel, or rather a double tunnel, from which the sauce no longer comes out except to land on your palate.

Seduction, however, is not just a matter of surface. What makes the real difference is the golden soul of Spaghetto Scanalato Voiello, made only of 100% Italian bronze-drawn Golden Wheat. To kiss, if you can resist the temptation to bite.

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