About Us

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Italian Gourmet started its journey in the 2017 with the sole purpose of bringing the best food in the world right to your doorstep.

Italian food is all about colour, fun, quality and taste at an affordable price. So, why shouldn’t you too be able to enjoy what we eat every day? That’s’ why we’re here!

In just a short period, we have become one of the top sellers of quality Italian products on Amazon and eBay with some of the highest feedback ratings, too. With this success and customer focus in mind, we decided to launch our own website so that you now know where to go to find your favourite Italian food at the kind of prices you like. We source all our products directly in Italy, guaranteeing you the widest selection of Italian products. Everything to remind you of your last holiday in the "Bel Paese"! Furthermore, we also offer the hospitality industry an extensive range of both retail and catering size products with fantastic shipping deals. So, contact us for all your business needs.

Rather than looking for just one brand, look for Italian Gourmet UK and be surprised by what Italian food is really all about!

Eat Well, Enjoy Life!


The reason beyond the use of hashtag #RECICLE #REUSE #REDUCE The initiative is designed to be more aware of our environment, the first and last home the one we live in. Raising awareness in our community towards the environment is one of the objectives that the Italian Gourmet reality has set itself, together with food waste. We often give away things that we consider unnecessary and after some time we have a second thought and regret of having made that choice. Wouldn't it be better to think before the final choice? This is precisely our goal. Stimulate common thinking to contribute to a healthy environment. Keeping our box is a gesture of love for you and for the world around you. Think about it, you may need a box tomorrow for a reason you can't see today!