24x Gatorade G-Active Limone Acqua Hydrating Water Lemon 50 c


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- Consuming Powerade inherently requires a break, a moment in which we allow ourselves time; With Powerade G Active you moisturize your body
- Powerade G Active is intended for those who choose an active lifestyle and always try their best during the day while watching calories.
- Staying hydrated when exercising is important: drinking fluids regularly throughout the day and rehydrating during and after exercise can make a difference
- A 500ml bottle with a comfortable, ergonomic grip to enjoy Powerade G Active wherever you are: the ideal size to reach your goal
- The pack contains 12 500ml bottles made of 100% recyclable PET: a handy reserve for those who exercise alone or the ideal pack for training a whole team

INGREDIENTS Water, sugar, dextrose, acid (citric acid), mineral salts (sodium chloride, sodium citrate), flavorings, acidity regulators (monopotassium phosphate, phosphoric acid, magnesium oxide), sweetener (sucralose), niacin and vitamin B6. GLUTEN FREE

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