Alce Nero

3x Alce Nero Omogeneizzato di legumi e verdure biologico Legume and vegetable baby food 2x80gr


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Alce Nero organic legume and vegetable puree is produced with 100% organic and Italian ingredients.
The baby food recipe is clean of the superfluous and designed to leave the taste of the vegetables unchanged, allowing you to feed children without the use of flavourings, colorings and oil.

All baby food is processed in the Alce Nero factory certified for the production of baby food. The vegetables are selected, washed, cut and frozen. The legumes are soaked and subsequently added to the vegetables; everything is then finely chopped (homogenized) to make the peel of the legumes as thin as possible. Once packaged, the jars are subjected to a final heat treatment which guarantees their stability over time. This baby food is gluten-free.

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