Chupa Chups

6x Chupa Chups Strawberry, bevanda alla fragola strawberry drink 345ml


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Your childhood memories transformed into a single soft drink: Chupa Chups Strawberry and Cream. 345 ml of pure fruity freshness enclosed in a colorful and cheerful can just like the classic strawberry chupa chups that we all know and revere. In this case, however, you will not have any difficulty opening and sipping the soft drink, unlike when you tried to unwrap one of those prized lollipops.

If you feel like diving into a liquid version of strawberry Chupa Chups, this is your chance: try the 345 ml Chupa Chups Strawberry and Cream!

Ingredients: carbonated water, fructose-glucose syrup, sugar, skimmed milk powder, lactic ferments, lactase, whey powder, carbon dioxide, citric acid, phosphoric acid, concentrated strawberry juice, soy amicellulose, flavourings, juice of concentrated cranberry, anthocyanins.

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