Test Pack Barilla italian Pasta integrale whole wheat Farfalle Tortiglioni Penne rigate Fusilli 4x500g


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The fuller flavor and perfect consistency are the result of the delicate grinding method, which preserves all the goodness of the wheat, 100% Italian.

Tortiglioni: the new shape of Tortiglioni, more enveloping, is designed to collect condiments even better. The geometry of the Barilla Whole Wheat Tortiglioni seems to have been created to accommodate the condiments, which creep into the rich central cavity and the turns of the stripes, enhancing the taste of your sauces. A perfect pasta to give free rein to your imagination in the kitchen.

Fusilli: the new shape of fusilli, more enveloping, is designed to collect condiments even better.

Farfalle: among the most cheerful shapes in the kitchen, the Barilla Integrale Butterflies are inspired by the lightness and liveliness of nature, bringing color and fantasy to the table. Their smooth and delicate surface is revealed on the palate through a different consistency between the thicker central part and the two ends. This particular shape makes them particularly suitable for light and delicate condiments.

Penne rigate: Barilla Penne Rigate Integrali, with a small diameter and natural source of fiber, are characterized by their proverbial ability to retain the sauce. Thanks to their small size, they blend perfectly with the sauce, while the rich external grooves can generously welcome the ingredients.

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