Barilla Selezione Oro Trofie Liguri Pasta 1Kg


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Trofie, one of the most popular and popular formats in Liguria, owes its name to the word 'strofissià', which means 'to rub' in the Genoese dialect, from the movement of the hands required to make them by hand. In fact, the homemade method requires that pieces of dough the size of beans be rubbed with the hands on the top of the cabinet, or simply between the hands, until elongated spindles with ends thinner than the center are obtained. Thanks to their tapering and intertwined shape, the trofies have a very special consistency that amuses the palate with every bite and perfectly retains the spices. Ideal for bringing simple and tasty dishes to the table. To spice up your taste better, Barilla recommends trying the Trofie with vegetable sauces and especially with the recipe of choice of the Ligurian culinary tradition: pesto, perhaps with the addition of potatoes and green beans for a timeless dish with an intense aroma and a delicate taste that Will inspire you.

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