Brioschi Bicarbonato di Sodio Purissimo Purest Sodium Bicarbonate 310g


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Brioschi Sodium Bicarbonate Purio 310g

The new Brioschi Sodium Bicarbonate Purest is a product with a thousand uses: in the kitchen to wash fruit and vegetables, to promote leavening and eliminate unpleasant odours from the fridge/freezer/dishwasher; in the washing machine it enhances the washing effectiveness of detergent and removes unpleasant odours; for skin care it is excellent for an emollient bath or footbath and makes hair soft and clean.

The glass pack and re-sealable cap allow better preservation of the product, guaranteeing its stability and effectiveness over time and reducing waste.

In the kitchen: clean fruit and vegetables.
In the home: eliminates bad smells from the fridge, shoe cupboard or cupboards.
In the washing machine: enhances washing effectiveness.
For the skin: emollient effect.
A thousand uses in one easy and practical product.

310g format.

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