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De Cecco Pennette Rigate pasta 500g


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Pennette Rigate belong to the Penne family and differ from them in that they are slightly smaller in diameter. The term penne in the Italian language refers to the goose pen holder that was used for writing in ancient times and that was cut diagonally to give a tip with a thin stroke. The format, which is obtained from a tube of pasta, smooth or lined, of variable length, has the characteristic diagonal cut that is typical of the pen. Penne is one of the few pasta shapes with a specific date of birth: In 1865 a pasta maker from San Martino d'Albaro (Genoa), Giovanni Battista Capurro, applied for and received a patent for a diagonal cutting machine. The patent was important because it made it possible to cut the fresh pasta in the shape of a pen in a variable format between 3 and 5 centimeters (mezze penne or penne) without crushing it. The document kept in the central archives of the State of Rome states: “Until now it has not been possible to obtain the diagonal cut with hand scissors, a method that was not only too slow and expensive, but also had the disadvantage of producing one Irregular cutting and chopping of the dough '. Penne Mezzane Rigate are ideal for preparing dry pasta, seasoned with beef or pork sauce. They also go perfectly with vegetable sauces such as aubergines, peppers, zucchini and artichokes or with more bizarre recipes with salmon or vodka Available in 500g packs

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