Dietor Italian sweetener 0 kcal 40 sachets


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A sachet of MyDietor sweetened like a teaspoon of sugar, but with zero calories, ensuring excellent solubility in all foods and beverages. All of this is possible thanks to the new formula based on saccharin and erythritol. Erythritol is a special ingredient found naturally in fruits that enhances the organoleptic properties of the product. A single sachet of MyDietor will be enough to have the same sweetening power as sugar, but without any calories. In addition, the new myDietor formula does not change the taste of beverages and has no aftertaste. The myDietor powders are characterized by their high quality, characterized by the transformation of a number of different powders into a granulate made up of small agglomerates, which form a smoother and more homogeneous mass (the so-called granulation tissue). This special process - very different from simple mixtures of other powders - enables a homogeneous product to be obtained in all its parts in order to have the same saccharin content (sweetener component of the mixture) for each package, and then the same sweetness. '* One bag of MyDietor has 0 kcal, a 6 g bag of sugar provides 24 kcal.

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