Mutti Professional Pelati Mediterranean egg 2.5 kg


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Mutti Professional Pelati Mediterranei Mediterranean Peeled Tomatoes 2.5Kg

Pelati Mutti tomatoes are harvested when summer is at its peak. After skinning, a delicate steam blanching process selects only the best peeled tomatoes and dips them in a creamy tomato sauce with a balanced flavor. They are offered in professional format in 2.5 kg cans with two variants: Pelati Gastronomia Mutti and Pelati Mediterranei Mutti. They have been created to meet the needs of restaurants and pizzerias, the horeca and catering channel and all those who work in the catering and catering sector. Thanks to their wholeness and consistency, they are the ideal solution for all preparations and lend themselves to any type of customization: in the restaurant: sliced or filleted for marinating and tasting raw; used whole to prepare fresh and light finger food; passed until obtaining a tomato sauce used to enhance the recipes of the Mediterranean tradition that require fresh tomatoes even out of season. in the pizzeria: they are ideal for preparing all types of pizza. Classic pizza, Neapolitan pizza, pizza in a slice, pizza by the meter, pizza in a pan, rustic pizza, high pizza, low pizza. They are also suitable for all types of cooking: in the wood oven but also in the electric oven.

INGREDIENTS: (MEDITERRANEAN PEELED) Peeled Tomatoes Tomato Juice Acidity Regulator Citric Acid

AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL VALUES FOR 100 g Energy: 92 KJ - 22 Kcal Fat: <0.5 g of which saturated fatty acids: <0.1 g Carbohydrates: 3.6 g of which sugar: 2.9 g Protein: 1.1 g Salt: 0 .01g

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