Nesquik instant chocolate 30% less sugar 350g


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Nesquik 30% Less Sugar is the recipe formulated with 30% less sugar than a cup of milk prepared with Nesquik Opti-Start®. Nesquik 30% less sugar brings young and old together!

WHAT IT CONTAINS: a glass of milk and Nesquik 30% less sugar? Vitamin D It is necessary for the growth and bone development of children and contributes to the correct absorption of calcium and phosphorus in milk. Iron Contributes to the cognitive development of children. Zinc Contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. Fibers They contribute to the well-being of the intestines.

WHAT DOES NOT CONTAIN: in a glass of milk and Nesquik 30% less sugar? Gluten Free That's why everyone can drink it! No artificial sweeteners To keep its quality high, Nesquik contains 30% less sugar with no artificial sweeteners!

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