Paneangeli Crema al Cioccolato Chocolate Cream ( 2 x 86g )


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The rich taste of chocolate and a smooth and velvety texture, perfect for filling all kinds of desserts.

The rich chocolate flavor and velvety texture make PANEANGELI Chocolate Flavored Cream ideal for filling all kinds of desserts: for cakes, tarts, pastries, donuts, cream puffs and cannoncini as an alternative to classic custard.

Simple and practical, it does not require cooking and is obtained by mixing the contents of one sachet in 250ml of milk at room temperature for just 2 minutes.
PANEANGELI Chocolate Flavored Cream can also be used for cooking and can be frozen then thawed.

Each pack of 172g contains 2 sachets of PANEANGELI Chocolate Flavored Cream.

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