Pronto Spray Multisuperficie Classico Multi-surface 300ml


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Versatile and able to clean practically anything. Sometimes a quick cleaning or dusting is all it takes to bring out the beauty of your home. And that doesn't get any easier than with Pronto® Multi-Surface Spray. Unbeatable on stubborn residue, it removes three times more dust than a dry cloth, removing fingerprints, smudges and smudges from most of your hard surfaces *. Its formula is designed to be gentle and safe on all of your favorite surfaces, showing its natural beauty without damaging it. Ideal for everyday use on kitchen counters, stainless steel refrigerators, coffee tables and more.

Instructions: Always read the label before use. Do not twist the cap. Shake well. Hold in a vertical position approx. 15 cm from the surface or spray on a cloth and dust off immediately. Do not use on floors or sanitary ware as these could become slippery.

Precautions and Safety: Read the label before use. Keep out of reach of children. Don't drill. Keep away from heat sources.

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