Riso Acquerello in latta rice in tin 500gr


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Grown, processed and packaged at Tenuta Colombara, in the heart of the province of Vercelli, Acquerello is a unique Carnaroli in the world. After harvest, the rice is aged for at least 1 to 7 years in refrigerated silos. Then refined slowly and delicately with the propeller, a process invented in 1884 and today used only by the Rondolino family. With experience, intuition is born: the grains are replenished with their gem, which contains all the most precious nutritional substances, those vitamins and mineral salts contained only in brown rice. An idea protected by an international patent. Acquerello is the point of arrival of rice, thanks to its more nutritious, firm and tasty grains: perfect stability during cooking, optimal absorption of seasonings and a versatility that makes it suitable for any type of recipe, preserving all the characteristics of the rice.

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