Riso Scotti

Riso Scotti Integrale 8% Dietary Fiber Whole Grain Rice 500g


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IT'S SPECIAL BECAUSE: The mix of brown rice, rye, spelled and buckwheat helps you get the right amount of fiber every day

COOKING TIME: 16-18 minutes.

SUGGESTIONS FOR USE: You can use 8% fiber as a delicious first course, for soups and broths, as a delicious cold salad or as a side dish

LIVING GOOD WITH TASTE: Regular consumption of whole grains as part of a balanced and lifestyle-appropriate diet, combined with good physical activity, will help you feel good every day.

Nutritionists advise us to consume at least 25g of fiber per day to make waste disposal easier. Instead, it is estimated that we only consume 10g today because we are eating more refined foods and fewer fruits and vegetables.

INGREDIENTS: Whole grain parboiled rice mix (70%), precooked rye (15%), precooked spelled (10%), buckwheat (5%). ALLERGEN: Contains gluten. It may contain traces of soy, nuts and sesame seeds.

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