SCHÄR Pasta all'Uovo Senza Glutine Gluten Free Egg Tagliatelle 250g


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It looks like someone intentionally rolled out the pasta sheet so flat. But why? Well, because this way the pasta can absorb so much more delicious sauce! In spring a refined asparagus cream wraps the noodles; in summer, it gives them an appetizing porcini sauce. And for the uninitiated: the pinnacle of taste can be reached by combining the tagliatelle with the classic Bolognese sauce. And once the dish is finished, the belly is full ... and hunger extended! Just like our pastry.

Ingrediants: corn starch, eggs 23%, rice flour, corn flour, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; thickener: guar gum. It may contain traces of soy. LACTOSE FREE (Lactose <0.007g / 100g). ** Free range eggs.

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