SCHÄR Senza Glutine Spaghetti Gluten Free Pasta with 20% millet 500g


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Schär gluten-free spaghetti, the traditional long pasta par excellence, have always been produced in Italy following the millet-based recipe. This ancient grain gives the pasta a harmonious taste with notes of hazelnut and a light yellow color. During cooking it maintains its shape with a consistency that is always perfectly al dente. Recipe: Our gluten-free spaghetti is made up of 20% millet, not only because it is naturally gluten-free, but also because it contains unique nutritional characteristics and promotes digestion. Taste: In addition to the benefit of its nutritional value, millet also has the advantage of giving our pasta a delicate nutty note, for a round and balanced taste. Shape: Following the tradition of Italian artisan pasta makers, the folder (the thickness of the pasta) of our Spaghetti is ideal for tomato sauce or any other type of sauce.

Ingrediants: corn flour, rice flour, millet flour 20%, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids. It may contain traces of soy. LACTOSE FREE (Lactose <0.007g / 100g).

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