Voiello Specialità La Calamarata n°142 Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta 100% Italian Wheat 500g Bronze Drawing


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The sea is always generous. But the one from Naples, believe us, is so generous that in addition to fish it also gives pasta. Sissìgnore, the pasta. You know the squid rings? Well, that genius, poet, pasta maker and 'nu little marine biologist who first decided to give his pasta that same shape must also have been present. The one who created the Calamarata.

A feast for the eyes even more than for the palate. A simple and brilliant idea, inspired by nature and devoted to pleasure: putting together pasta rings and squid rings for a perfect combination.

Of course there are many recipes, traditional and otherwise, and the Voiello Calamarata is made to embrace all tastes and every ingredient with its sinuous, wide curves, to be plunged into to re-emerge at the first forkful. It is right there, at the first bite, that its proud soul comes out, made of 100% Italian Golden Wheat.

It is thanks to the qualities of the Golden Wheat and to the bronze drawing that the Voiello Calamarata has a cooking resistance like this: she is tough and you, we can bet, will be cooked at the first taste.

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