Yoga Optimum Brik Mela e Banana Apple and Banana Fruit Juice 200ml


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So much more fruit, picked at the right degree of ripeness and all the passion of yoga in 200 ml ready to drink.

THE JUICE IN BRIK WITH HIGH CONTENT OF GOODNESS The authentic and delicate taste of apples and the sweetness of bananas come together in an embrace of aromas. The Yoga Optimum 70% Apple-Banana-Juice in Brik is the nectar with a high percentage of fruits, which is loaded with nutrients and vitamin C. It is ideal for feeding the little ones and safe for mothers. A complete recipe that Yoga proudly prepared to enrich its # 1 juice line in Italy.

INGREDIENTS Apple 60% (puree and apple juice from concentrate), water, banana puree 10%, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, acidifier: citric acid, vitamin C.

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