Mid-August: celebrates an ancient Italian tradition

Mid-August: celebrates an ancient Italian tradition

Jul 14, 2021Carmine Borriello

Ferragosto is a traditional Italian holiday that originates in ancient Rome, during the Empire

Roman of Octavian Augustus, a pagan event that celebrated the end of agricultural work, e

which was then adopted by the Catholic Church to celebrate the Assumption of Mary.

A strongly consolidated Italian tradition falls on the days of 14 and 15 August,

a festive occasion to spend in good company, usually outdoors, at sea or in

mountain, but also in the most familiar open space of one's home, together with loved ones, yes

they spend days dedicated to moments of relaxation, well-being and fun.

Whether it's a lunch, or a night in front of a bonfire, a picnic, a brunch or a grilled meat,

what unites everyone is the festive air, and you cannot miss the tasting of an excellent buffet!

Get into the Italian party mood and try your hand at preparing your buffet of


Let's see together which are the most popular Italian products ever, and perfect for your party.

San Carlo 1936 old recipe chips

The best salty snack in Italy, the San Carlo 1936 chips, with a unique and authentic flavor

just like it used to be.

Classic San Carlo chips

The most popular ever, here are the classic San Carlo chips, simple and appetizing, perfect

for a quick snack, in front of a movie, or to successfully complete your party buffet.

San Carlo rustic fries

If you are craving salty but with a hint of originality, here is the San Carlo rustic fries, another one

famous variant of this fantastic snack.

San Carlo chips more lively taste

Can't miss the San carlo chips more lively taste, for a slightly spicy flavor.

San Carlo lime and pink pepper crisps

For those who want to be more daring, lime and pink pepper chips, unique and delicious.

San Carlo golden croutons

Fantastic San Carlo golden croutons, for lovers of crunchy savory snacks.

San Carlo breadsticks

A typical snack to accompany aperitifs, appetizers, buffets or for a simple peckish,

Turin San Carlo breadsticks, commonly served with cold cuts and cheeses.

Mikado dark chocolate

For those craving a sweet and light snack, here are the dark chocolate mikadoes, perfect for one

quick snack, also convenient to take with you.

Mr Day chocolate donuts

Soft and sweet, Mr. Day chocolate donuts, for a snack to be discovered!

Bauli mini croissant with chocolate

Bauli mini chocolate croissant, the perfect sweet snack for your festive menu.

Crodino San Pellegrino original non-alcoholic aperitif

Crodino San Pellegrino, the original non-alcoholic aperitif, a reputation that has always grown since 1965

moreover, a recipe that still remains a secret today, and that is very popular in the world of aperitifs.

San Pellegrino Crodino non-alcoholic red orange aperitif

San Pellegrino Crodino, the non-alcoholic red orange aperitif, with an unmistakable and intense flavor


Arnone carbonated Italian soda

Arnone gassosa, a refreshing Italian soda with no added sugar, the right choice for those

look for a low-calorie, thirst-quenching drink.

Arnone cocktail Italian aperitif

Arnone cocktail, ideal as an aperitif, a non-alcoholic carbonated drink with a strong taste and


San Benedetto Allegra orange juice

Aranciata San Benedetto Allegra, an Italian drink with a lively freshness and taste


Ferrero Estathè fishing

Famous Estathè peach from Ferrero, a fresh and unique drink for its sweet taste.

Celebrate the day of August 15th just like the Italians!

Take a look at the other sweet or savory snacks on the site.

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